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Motto : "My Lord! Bestow Wisdom on Me and Join Me with Righteous"

Outreach - HOPE

To empower the target community by providing them with resources, skills, and knowledge that enhance their well-being and self-sufficiency, our institution initiated Hajira Outreaching Programme for Empowerment (HOPE). Through this initiative, three nearby villages were adopted and the students were made to understand the challenges and difficulties faced by the local community.


  • To raise awareness about critical issues affecting the community and providing educational opportunities that promote personal growth and development.
  • To foster a sense of belonging and social integration among marginalized or underserved groups, reducing social isolation and promoting diversity.
  • To address socio-economic disparities within the community and work towards reducing poverty through targeted intervention. s
  • To connect community members with broader networks, opportunities and resources that can enrich their lives
  • To create programs and projects that have a lasting impact on the community, setting the foundation for self-sustained growth and development.

Members of Hope

SL.No. Members Category Department
1 Dr.S.Uma Convener Department of Tamil
2 Dr.T.Ramalakshmi Member Department of Tamil
3 Mrs.V.Nagajothi Member Department of Commerce
4 Mrs.M.Revathi Member Department of Chemistry
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